Technical Analysis

Our inhouse engineering team identifies optimal POIs (Point of Interconnection), seeking robust LMPs (Locational Marginal Prices). It is responsible for relations with the ISO (Independent Service Operator), TSP (Transmission Service Provider) and Engineering Consultants to deliver FISs (Final Interconnection Studies) and IAs (Interconnection Agreements).

Land Acquisition

Our team secures land via options, purchases and other easements required to connect the solar farm to the grid, according to the TSP’s Facility Study. Our internal team obtains and arranges all the legal, tax and administrative documentation required to build a solar farm in a particular site according to a final layout.

Project Economics

Our projects are tested to ensure robust economic returns. We analyze the LMP, congestion, curtailment and solar resources, in order to maximize the revenue stream and minimize costs.

Customer Experience

We provide a “bespoke” customer experience by listening to and working with our customers and counterparties as we develop all aspects of our projects. We keep abreast of market developments, product design, project sales, closing processes and all aspects of the solar farm development market.

Data Room Management

We understand that a critical service to our customers is a well-documented data room and transaction process that mitigates all project risks. We take significant time and consideration to improve and optimize the due diligence process.

Additional Services

As part of project design, we work with final power purchasers on potential PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) as a way of providing additional services to our clients.