How we work

Current Product Pipeline


We are developing, in conjunction with and for our current customers, a set of projects in the 100 to 300MW range, with an expected Ready To Build (RTB) date of Q1 23, in the North ERCOT Region, supplying clean and reliable power to the major metropolitan areas of Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. This area has nodes with high net value and low curtailment and congestion.

We expect to have projects in a RTS (Ready to Sell) position by the end of April 2022 with the following completed:

    • LMP (Locational Marginal Price) analysis report
    • Land optioned with a title commitment report
    • CIA (Critical Impact Analysis) report
    • Project presented to the County Judge for Permitting and Tax Abatement 
    • Financial Model reviewed by a third party

By April 2022, we intend to offer these projects to selected interested parties with term sheets, delivery times, and additional service requirements (such as PPA support, Financial Package assistance, storage capacity and other as desired). Some features of the project (timeline, size, exact point of interconnection) could be adjusted to customer requirements. Also, at this time we will review equipment (panels and inverters) for the final layout and the Full Interconnection Studies.

We will also initiate at this stage new projects with other characteristics upon customer request as part of our customer's portfolio desires (geography, technology, etc).

We intend to have RTB milestones completed by Q1 23 for our first projects. Term sheet conditions will vary according to different alternatives.

At this stage we would like to settle a formal transaction with agreed conditions precedent and subsequent.

PPA negotiation support can be provided as an additional and separate service

We typically provide the following RTB (Ready to Build)  documentation:

  • Documents included in previous document release.
  • All necessary land easements and purchase options for the plant substation.
  • Screening Study released by ERCOT.
  • All Final Interconnection Studies performed by TSP with our technical office and engineering consultants.
  • LMP and Congestion & Curtailment Report delivered by Engineering Consultant
  • Interconnection Agreement (IA) in draft form.
  • Wetland Delineation (WD) report and waiver from USACE (US Army Corps of engineers).
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA).
  • Any other permitting report required according to CIA recommendations.
  • Mineral Ownership Report (MOR) released by certified landman.
  • Title Insurance review and ALTA survey.
  • Final Layout.
  • Tax Abatement or PILOT granted by County and ISD value limitation or similar program of investment incentive in case in existence.
  • Reviewed and Agreed Financial Model.
  • Post RTB services if needed.
  • A merchant tail report by third party upon request.